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Discovered in 2007, Pontal do Maceió, a small fishing village, has seduced us with its charm, its authenticity, and the kindness of its inhabitants. A veritable paradise in Brazil’s northeastern region. This feeling is unanimous. With that in mind a few friends, just like us, over time became owners of gorgeous villas.

Thanks to your trust and the friendship which brings us together, we’ve decided to create Ôthentic to share with you our love for Pontal do Maceió. Each owner has interpreted their fondness for the place through their villa’s character and soul.

Ôthentic advises the villa of your dreams and provides a number of customized services to facilitate your stay and spend an unforgettable vacation. And based on what the inhabitants at Pontal do Maceió say, Ôthentic has contributed to the creation of Jobs and the development of its ecosystem.
Ôthentic is ecologically responsible.



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The Pontal do Maceió village and its region

An authentic fishing village in a paradisiacal region