Ôthentic Villas provides personalized services

to make you vacation simpler

Ôthentic Villas works with local help and collaborators: an act of confidence and quality


Ôthentic Villas reserves for you:

• Its air shuttles whatever the time of your arrival or departure
• A driver to follow you during your scheduled commutes or throughout your stay.
• The ever-present buggy to a daily location or throughout your stay.

At home

Ôthentic Villas selects a rare pearl for you:

• At any time, for lunches or dinners, a cook will be in charge of making some of their favorite and local dishes
• If you need a time just for yourself, your children will be babysat.
• If you want some original snack at home, we organize the event with a precooked solution.

And more

Ôthentic Villas organizes and books your activities and your moments of relaxation at your own pace.

Let us guide you!

• Kitesurfing (course, supervision, downwind)
• Horseback riding
• Buggy, boat rides
• Playful and cultural activities…
• Body and beauty care

If you want to be dazzled, surprise your palate in a privileged place, we organize: a romantic dinner! An unforgettable moment.