The Pontal do Maceió village and its region

An authentic fishing village

in a paradisiacal region!

Pontal do Maceió

Discovering Pontal do Maceió

Located 1h30 off Fortaleza City, Pontal de Maceió, a village of the Fortim municipality, is an authentic preserved fishing village. It has managed to keep its charm away from the mass tourism development. Its beautiful and cozy coast lives to the rhythm of the comings and goings of fishing rafts carrying fish and lobster.

Located in Ceará State, in the Brazilian northeastern region, it is a true paradise.

The climate is unique. The ideal temperatures range between 26 and 32° all year round. It is also said that there one can breathe the purest air in the civilized world.

Pontal de Maceió benefits from a small touristic infrastructure in the picturesque e town square. Beach stalls serve delectable fish and seafood dishes during the day and restaurants offer local dishes comparable to any international cuisine at night.

If you have the chance to go there, you will be able to take part in some cultural events and popular parties which liven up Pontal do Maceió and its surroundings, such as the famous Jangadas de Pontal Regatta, Carnival, and the famous Quadrilha Group encounters (folk dance, is a part of the June Party celebrations)

The region

The coast, to the east or west of Pontal do Maceió, holds several beaches, each with its own particularities and attractions. Here are some among the nearest:

Praia das Agulhas
For those who crave solitude and wild nature. A very tranquil and authentic place, with no electricity, a 20-minute walk from Pontal do Maceió.

Canto da Barra
Where the river meets the ocean. A magnificent beach, clear water, off the beaten track, the kite surfers’ paradise.

Canoa Quebrada
The very famous Canoa Quebrada beach is one of the most beautiful in Ceará, even in Brazil. It is surrounded by high red sand cliffs. Several touristic, sport, or playful activities take place there. Nice place to go !